How is the STC responding to COVID-19?

In the interest of the safety of all of Western's students, staff, and faculty, the Western Libraries, including the Student Technology Center, have decided to remain closed through spring and summer quarters.  This means that our physical location on Haggard Hall's second floor is not available.  

To contact the STC with any questions relating to university software, send us an e-mail at  We will be consistently checking during our normal hours between 8am and 9pm and will do our best to respond to you as soon as we can.  You can also e-mail us to set up one-on-one meetings via Teamviewer and/or video chat so that we may get a better understanding of any issues you are having.

Read more about how ATUS is handling the Coronavirus, and for information on the remote teaching and learning page.  Visit Western's coronavirus site for frequently updated information on the outbreak.

CDC coronavirus infographic