Large Format Printing FAQ

Q: How can a student print a free poster?

A:  The student’s professor must submit a Large Format Print request to the Student Technology Center (STC). Once the request has been approved, the student must schedule a printing appointment, then come to the STC at the time of their appointment with their poster ready to print.

Q: I have a poster that I'd like to print, but it's not for a class. Can I do that here?

A: The STC funds large format printing services via the educational departments and therefore cannot print posters that are not for class. For posters not requested by faculty, Print and Copy Services can print it for you for a size-based fee.

Q: What are the dimensions for a Large Format Print?

A: The standard size for a Large Format Print at the STC is 30” by 40”.  A poster must be no larger than 40" in its shortest dimension.

Q: How far in advance should I schedule my Large Format Print?

A: To insure you are able to print at a time that is convenient for you, we recommend scheduling your appointment at least two weeks in advance. Schedule your appointment by calling the STC during business hours at 360-650-4300, or visiting us in person.

Q: In what format should I bring in my poster file at the time of my appointment?

A: Save your file in LFP Document Library, as a .pdf or Powerpoint file. 

Q: How long will my appointment last?

A: We schedule each appointment for a full hour to accommodate printer and file issues. However, if everything goes smoothly, most appointments last about 15 minutes.