On-Site Equipment

Epson Scanners

Public Scanners

An Epson Scanner with a black hood Public Scanner
8 Epson scanners are available for use in the STC. The public scanner available in the STC acts as a copy machine, or as a scanner which stores files on the network so they can be accessed from any of our computers.

Video Stations


Video Stations Duplicator
The Tech Center can be used for video and audio editing and duplication. We have computer stations equipped with external VCRs, TV monitors, and high-capacity hard drives as well as appropriate editing software. The duplicator allows you to quickly and easily make copies of non-copyrighted DVDs.

Dub Racks

Map Scanner

Dub Rack Map Scanner
Two dub racks are available for transferring video between different media. VHS, DVD or mini DV to DVD, or DVD to mini DV. The map scanner creates high quality, large format scans. Available on request.