Poster Printing

Free large Format prints (Posters) are available to students who have had an instructor request. Posters are limited to one per class per quarter and sized up to 30" x 40". Printing beyond these limits will be charged to departments and require approval by a budget authority.

Requesting a Poster Print

All poster printing will be performed for students at the request of an instructor. Requests can be made by a faculty member submitting our service request form. Requests will be processed within 48 hours.

Getting your Poster Printed

  1. Make sure your instructor has submitted a request for poster printing through the Student Technology Center using our Service Request Form.
  2. Set up an appointment to print your poster by visiting this link.
    • Appointments are set for an hour to account for troubleshooting
    • Usually posters are printed in 15 minutes, but be prepared to stay the whole hour
    • During busy seasons, appointments may be double or triple booked, and will be processed in the order they were booked
    • Appointments may be moved or rescheduled if needed, but moves are subject to availability
    • It is to your benefit to book your appointment two weeks in advance
    • It is to your benefit to schedule your appointment several days before your project's due date
  3. Prepare your files for print
    • Files may be printed from PowerPoint, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Word, Publisher, or any PDF document
    • It is best to have your original, editable files on hand, as well as a saved PDF
    • Save your file in LFP document library LFP Document Library
    • Double check your document for accuracy we do not re-print for typos
    • Make sure your document and all of your images are sized correctly. See poster standards.
  4. Arrive at your appointment on time and with your files accessible

Poster Standards


  • One side must be no more than 40 inches.
  • 40"x30" is the maximum size recommended unless specifically requested by your instructor.
  • Specific software programs have maximum size limits and page setup procedures:


Max length: 56 inches

  1. Choose File, Page Setup
  2. In the Slides Sized for: list box, choose Custom
  3. Enter the width and height for your poster, for example Width: 40", Height: 30"


Max length: 22 inches


Max length: 20 feet

  1. Choose File, Page Setup
  2. On the Layout tab, under Publication type, choose Banner
  3. Select Change Overlap, then select Print One Sheet


Max length: 5ft at 100 dpi


Max length: 18 feet

Adobe InDesign

Max length: 18 feet


When images are enlarged, the resolution declines and the image may become pixilated and blurred. At print size, resolution should be at least 90 dpi. If you are not sure if your graphics will print adequately, please make a design appointment prior to making your print appointment.

Readability Guidelines

  • Font size: 72 points = 1 inch
  • Titles: no smaller than 36 point font
  • Text: no smaller than 16 point font
  • Border lines should be at least 2 points

Background Color

  • Dark text on a white or light background is preferred due to the high cost of ink
  • If you would like design assistance, please make an appointment with a Tech Center Staff member. Please plan for enough time to design, proof and edit your poster.


If you are using PowerPoint to create your poster, do not use transparencies. This is because of a known technical issue when sending to the printer