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Items Available for Checkout

Check-Out Items

Due to Covid-19, the STC's office location in the library is currently closed, and Classroom Services is handling all equipment rentals.  You can contact them at, or call them at 360.650.3300.  Thank you for understanding!

The Student Technology Center is pleased is be able to offer the following resources for checkout on a first-come, first-served basis!  

To check out one of our items, visit us on the second floor of Haggard Hall.   You will need to fill out our Checkout Agreement Form either online or in person the first time you check something out.  You will need a WWU student ID card in order to check out equipment.

Item Checkout Time Qty.
Laptops (Dell Latitude E5470) 4 Hours 100
Latitude E5470 Chargers 4 Hours 5
TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculators 4 Hours 20
Headphones 4 Hours 15
OMNI AC and USB Portable Charger 4 Hours 20
Phone Charging Lockers 24 Hours 8
USB Microphones 24 Hours 4
External CD Reader 24 Hours 3
Wacom Bamboo Tablets 24 Hours 2
Apple iPad 3 Days 18
Apple iPad Pro 2 Days 5
Apple Pen (for iPad Pro) 2 Days 5
Google Daydream w/ Pixel 2 Weeks 2
Macbook Air Charger 4 Hours 2
Macbook Pro Charger 4 Hours 2
Macbook USB-C Charger 4 Hours 4
Arduino Uno 3 Starter Kit 2 Weeks 25
Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit 2 Weeks 10
Portable SSD (500 GB) 2 Weeks 5

For a longer check-out time and larger selection of equipment, see Classroom Services.